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Ueto Aya receives ‘Japan Fashion Leader Award 2012′ + HER OWN STAR


On December 11th, actress Ueto Aya was presented the “Takarajimasha Nihon Fashion Leader Award 2012” at the company’s award ceremony in Tokyo.

Ueto, who appeared at the ceremony wearing a sexy back-baring black dress, explained her outfit with, “Today, I decided to be bold.  I decided to wear a classic black dress that bared my back.”  She smiled as she said, “My butt rarely looks round, but thanks to the fur on my dress, it looks quite perky.  I think girls always get help from fashion,” and mesmerized the press with her grown-up style that has not yet been seen until now.

Ueto also stated, “I want to be a woman who can wear various styles of clothing, be it cool things or cute things.”  She then answered a request for pointers in Fall-Winter fashion and revealed that, “Since there is a tendency to choose black or grey clothes in the winter, I would choose bright colored clothes as much as possible.  Since colorful knits are more common this Fall-Winter season compared to past seasons, I would choose beige or pink colors.”

In addition to the award and trophy, an extra prize of a “Star Naming” in the Andromeda Galaxy to symbolize that “[The] Fashion Leader is ‘Japan’s Star’” was also presented.  To this, Ueto excitedly stated, “I was raised in an apartment, but I really like stars.  I often went up to the roof and wished on and complained to the stars.  Since I do not know which star is mine, I will love all the stars in the sky as my own from now on.”  The “AYA UETO” star has been named and recorded in Australia’sSpringbrook Observatory.

This is the fourth year that Takarajimasha has organized the event; the winner of the award is chosen by readers based on contributions to spread casual fashion by the fashion leaders.  In addition to Ueto, model Mizuhara Kiko and Mizuki Alisa also received the award.  It was also announced that modelRinka, who received the award for the third consecutive year, will enter the company’s Hall of Fame.

(Source: tokyohive.com)

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